La Nostra Storia

The Passarelli family originated from the Calabria region in southern Italy.  Our family wine making tradition dates back to the early 1900's, when our ancestors first migrated to the United States. Some of the first Italians to settle in Colorado found a home in Salida, in what was then referred to as 'Dago Town,' at the bottom of Tenderfoot mountain next to the Arkansas River. Our Nona's mother, Grandma Lucia, would send our Papa and his brother, Jimmy, to the railroad with wheel barrels to get our first grapes from the old boxcars.  Papa and zio (uncle) Jimmy would put on rubber boots and stomp the fresh grapes in large tubs. The grape juice would then go into old oak barrels to ferment. We have been perfecting this process ever since and are happy to share all that learning and love in each of our bottles.

Nona's father, Angelo Marchase, hand-built her a house, including a wine cellar, which we still use to make wine today. We take great pride in the history of our country, our family, and especially our wine. We hope you enjoy it with us. Salute!

We work extremely hard to capture the delicacies of Italy. Our passion is our wine, and our first love is our home. 

I ragazzi (the boys) perfecting their craft and having fun, circa 1997.

Papa, on the left, at Bar Passarelli in Calabria, Italy